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The American Society of Heating, Refrigerating and Air-conditioning Engineers, Inc. – Region-at-Large

The Region-at-Large (RAL) formed in July 1, 2001 has grown and matured over the years.

The Region now has 24 Chapters, RAL has 5,228 members out of which many are not affiliated to Chapters.

The challenge before RAL in its 14th year is how to better serve the ASHRAE members in the Region.

ASHRAE has an arsenal of tools and services for the benefit of its members. Available are ASHRAE Handbooks & Standards, ASHRAE Publications, ASHRAE Learning Institute Courses, Distinguished Lecturers, ASHRAE Research, World Class Conferences in all parts of the globe and EXPO’s.

Members have the opportunity to use ASHRAE resources and participate in ASHRAE activities which include Technical and Standing Committees. Getting all that ASHRAE offers to its members requires a worldwide structure of which the Region-at-Large is a part. Since RAL is growing, and RAL covers a huge geographical area with a variety of languages, cultures and stages of development it offers unique challenges and opportunities. RAL leadership is addressing these challenges and opportunities and continuously plans on how to serve the members better.

In the coming years RAL needs to implement the new ASHRAE Strategic Plan, consider its own re-organization, serve better the special needs of developing economies, serve better our members who are not part of chapters, liase with government agencies to promote a sustainable World using ASHRAE standards and resources. All this in keeping with ASHRAE’s mission statement of advancing the arts and sciences of heating ventilation, airconditioning and refrigeration for the public’s benefit.

All of us in RAL have a role to play in this great enterprise and I am counting on the on our members to come forward and assist in the tasks at hand in areas of your interest.

Farooq Mehboob

Director & Regional Chair, Ashrae Region At Large