The Super CRC 2016 & First ASHRAE International Board meeting is a unique event, and I perceive it as a watershed moment in ASHRAE’s history.


For the first time, Region XIII & Region at Large, are jointly hosting a CRC. This CRC will bring together 25 chapters from RAL and 9 chapters from Region XIII along with the ASHRAE Board of Directors and key staff. The ASHRAE Board of Directors has never met outside North America in its more than 120 years history.


ASHRAE has been blessed with visionary leadership, and the most dedicated volunteers in the world. Our leadership is committed to globalization, taking ASHRAE’s vision and mission to the whole world in line with ASHRAE’s Strategic Plan.


The event promises to be the place where the world meets each other. Bangkok is a fabulous city and Thai hospitality has no equal.


I promise you a great event. Our Volunteers in RAL & Region 13 are working tirelessly to make the CRC and the technical program simply outstanding.


Our dedicated ASRHAE Staff will also be on hard and you will have the opportunity to meet them in person.


Please bring your family and friends to share in the fun.



Farooq Mehboob


Pankaj Pic for Contacts PageCRC General Chair’s Message

 Greetings to All!!!

It is indeed a moment of pride for ASHRAE RAL to organize the much awaited Super CRC at Bangkok. This will be first joint Super CRC between two Regions along with Board of Directors meeting of ASHRAE outside North America.


On behalf of Region at Large & Region 13, I am very happy to say that we have once again taken a leap forward by promoting cooperation in the region by having this event at a happening place like Bangkok.


Officers and committee chairs have been working hard throughout the year for the success of this event where all the chapters in the region are looking forward to share and interact on various issues.


Our current ASHRAE President Mr. David Underwood has promoted the theme of “Making Connections” and we at ASHRAE RAL also shall take the message forward by developing further good relations amongst the Region at Large (RAL) members from India, Pakistan, Sri Lanka, Saudi Arabia, Bahrain, United Arab Emirates, Qatar, Kuwait, Lebanon, Egypt, Nigeria, Greece, Romania, Serbia, Poland, Slovenia, Hungary, Croatia, Macedonia, Portugal, Spain, Luxembourg, Belgium, Holland, South Cyprus, Turkey along with members from Region 13 from Japan, South Korea, Taiwan, Hong Kong, Philippians, Thailand, Malaysia, Singapore, Indonesia.


The great event being organized this year at Bangkok shall offer a common platform for all the members as well as the industry stalwarts to connect well and work towards achieving their goals.

The CRC aims at Strengthening of the regional chapters which can take place by cooperation  and making optimal use of their existing and potential characteristics.

I earnestly urge all the Members, Companies and Manufacturers related to “HVAC&R Industry” to come forward and make this mega event (Super CRC) a grand success.

I am happy to say that the Chapter officers have done a commendable task of planning & organizing various meetings, trainings, technical sessions & others activities in such short span.


Once again I would like to offer my special appreciation towards all the team members of RAL chapters for supporting the cause.



Pankaj R. Dharkar

CRC-General Chair

Assistant Regional Chair – RAL (ASHRAE)