Student Branches

Branch Chapter Name Branch Chapter Code Chapter Name Region Name School / University
A.A.S.T. Student Branch Br304 CAIRO REGION-AT-LARGE Arab Academy for Science & Technology
A.K.G. Engineering College Student Branch BR1 INDIA REGION-AT-LARGE A.K.G. Engineering College
Air University Student Branch BR370 NORTHERN PAKISTAN REGION-AT-LARGE Air University
American University of Beirut Student Branch BR3 LEBANESE REGION-AT-LARGE American University of Beirut
Amity University Student Branch BR407 INDIA REGION-AT-LARGE Amity University
Beirut Arab University Student Branch BR10 LEBANESE REGION-AT-LARGE Beirut Arab University
BMS College of Engineering Student Branch BR14 ASHRAE BANGALORE REGION-AT-LARGE BMS College of Engineering
Cairo University Student Branch BR17 CAIRO REGION-AT-LARGE Cairo University
Capital University of Science and Technology Islamabad Student Branch BR330 NORTHERN PAKISTAN REGION-AT-LARGE M.A. Jinnah University
Center for Environmental Planning and Technology Student Branch BR348 WESTERN INDIA REGION-AT-LARGE Center For Environmental Planning and Technology
Civil Engineering of Bucharest Student Branch BR315 DANUBE REGION-AT-LARGE Technical University for Civil Engineering
College of Engineering, Guindy Student Branch BR309 CHENNAI REGION-AT-LARGE Anna University, College of Engineering Guindy
COMSATS Islamabad Student Branch BR409 NORTHERN PAKISTAN REGION-AT-LARGE COMSATS Institute of Information Technology
Datta Meghe College of Engineering Student Branch BR354 INDIA REGION-AT-LARGE Datta Meghe College of Engineering
Dehli College of Engineering Student Branch BR42 INDIA REGION-AT-LARGE Dehli College of Engineering
Dr. J. J. Magdum College of Engineering Student Branch BR351 PUNE REGION-AT-LARGE Dr. J. J. Magdum College of Engineering
Faro Student Branch BR55 PORTUGAL REGION-AT-LARGE University of Algarve
Fauji Foundation TTC RWP Student Branch BR411 NORTHERN PAKISTAN REGION-AT-LARGE Fauji Foundation Technical Training Center – Rawalpindi
FET-MRIU Student Branch BR296 INDIA REGION-AT-LARGE Faculty of Engineering & Technology (FET) MRIU
FET-MRIU Student Branch BR296 INDIA REGION-AT-LARGE FET-MRIU – Faculty of Engineering, Manav Rachna International University
G.B. Pant Polytechnic Student Branch BR61 INDIA REGION-AT-LARGE G.B. Pant Polytechnic
G.C.T. Lahore Student Branch BR302 CENTRAL PAKISTAN REGION-AT-LARGE Government College of Technology
Gazi University Mechanical Engineering Student Branch BR373 TURKISH REGION-AT-LARGE Gazi University Faculty of Engineers
GIKI Student Branch BR64 NORTHERN PAKISTAN REGION-AT-LARGE GIKI Institute of Engg Sciences & Tech
Government Training Institute Student Branch BR353 PAKISTAN REGION-AT-LARGE Goverment Technical Training Institute
Hamdard University Student Branch BR310 PAKISTAN REGION-AT-LARGE Hamdard University
HITEC University Student Branch 355 NORTHERN PAKISTAN REGION-AT-LARGE HITEC University
HNDE Student Branch BR298 SRI LANKAN REGION-AT-LARGE Advanced Technological Institute
I.I.T. Kharagpur Student Branch BR74 INDIA REGION-AT-LARGE Indian Institute of Technology
IIT Madras Student Branch BR400 CHENNAI REGION-AT-LARGE IIT Madras
IIT Roorkee Student Branch BR339 INDIA REGION-AT-LARGE IIT Roorkee
Institute of Space Technology, Islamabad Student Branch BR401 NORTHERN PAKISTAN REGION-AT-LARGE Institute of Space Technology, Islamabad
Istanbul Arel University Student Branch BR414 TURKISH REGION-AT-LARGE Istanbul Arel University
Istanbul University Faculty Engineering Student Branch BR377 TURKISH REGION-AT-LARGE Istanbul University Faculty of Engineering
Kuwait University Student Branch BR85 KUWAIT REGION-AT-LARGE Kuwait University
LD College of Engineering Student Branch BR89 WESTERN INDIA REGION-AT-LARGE L.D. College of Engineering
Lebanese American Univ Student Branch BR90 LEBANESE REGION-AT-LARGE Lebanese American University
Lebanese University-Hadath Student Branch BR91 LEBANESE REGION-AT-LARGE Lebanese University, Hadath, The
LICET Student Branch BR66 CHENNAI REGION-AT-LARGE Loyolo-ICAM College of Engineering and Technology (LICET)
Manipal University Student Branch BR287 ASHRAE FALCON REGION-AT-LARGE Manipal University
Marmara University Mechanical Engineering Student Branch BR415 TURKISH REGION-AT-LARGE Marmara University
MITCOE Student Branch BR416 PUNE REGION-AT-LARGE Maharashtra Institute of Technology
Mount Carmel Collage Student Branch BR337 ASHRAE BANGALORE REGION-AT-LARGE Mount Carmel Degree College
Muhammad Amin Polytech Student Branch br351 CENTRAL PAKISTAN REGION-AT-LARGE Muhammad Amin Polytech
MUST Mirpur BR341 NORTHERN PAKISTAN REGION-AT-LARGE Mechanical Department Mirpur University Of Science and Technolgoy
Nagarjuna College of Engineering and Technology Student Branch br347 ASHRAE BANGALORE REGION-AT-LARGE Nagarjuna College of Engineering & Technology
National Technical Univerisity of Athens Student Branch BR 345 HELLENIC REGION-AT-LARGE National Technical University of Athens
NED University Student Branch BR119 PAKISTAN REGION-AT-LARGE NED University of Eng & Tech
Nirma Institute of Tech Student Branch BR124 WESTERN INDIA REGION-AT-LARGE Nirma Institute of Technology
NITK Surathkal Student Branch BR417 ASHRAE BANGALORE REGION-AT-LARGE National Institute of Technology, Karnataka
Nordic Student Branch BR405 SUB-REGION B REGION-AT-LARGE Technical University Of Denmark
Notre Dame University Student Branch BR130 LEBANESE REGION-AT-LARGE Notre Dame University
NUST-SMME Student Branch BR332 NORTHERN PAKISTAN REGION-AT-LARGE National University of Technology-SMME
Philadelphia University Student Branch BR141 LEBANESE REGION-AT-LARGE Philadelphia University
PNEC, NUST Student Branch BR326 PAKISTAN REGION-AT-LARGE Pakistan Navy Engineering College
Poornima College of Engineering Student Branch BR419 INDIA REGION-AT-LARGE Poornima College of Engineering
Qu Palm STudent Branch BR355 QATAR ORYX REGION-AT-LARGE Qatar University
Quaid-E-Awam University Student Branch BR 356 PAKISTAN REGION-AT-LARGE Quaid-E-Awam University of Engineering Science & Technology
QUCEST Larkana Student branch BR420 INDIA REGION-AT-LARGE QUCEST Larkana
REVA Institute Of Technology Student Branch BR342 ASHRAE BANGALORE REGION-AT-LARGE REVA Institute Of Technology and Management
RHU Student Branch BR297 LEBANESE REGION-AT-LARGE Rafic Hariri University
Sardar Patel Student Branch BR159 WESTERN INDIA REGION-AT-LARGE Sardar Patel College of Engineering
Setubal Student Branch BR163 PORTUGAL REGION-AT-LARGE Escola Superior De Tecnologia
Sinhgad COE-Pune Student Branch BR166 WESTERN INDIA REGION-AT-LARGE Sinhgad College of Engineering-Pune
Sultan Qaboos University Student Branch BR351 ASHRAE FALCON REGION-AT-LARGE Sultan Qaboos
Tanta University Student Branch BR180 CAIRO REGION-AT-LARGE Tanta University
TEI of Western Macedonia Student Branch BR425 HELLENIC REGION-AT-LARGE Technological Educational Institute of Western Macedonia
Thapar University Student Branch BR190 INDIA REGION-AT-LARGE Thapar University
The Univ of Balamand Student Branch BR192 LEBANESE REGION-AT-LARGE The University of Balamand
TSSM’s Padmabhuashan Vasantdada Patil Institute of Technology BR342 INDIA REGION-AT-LARGE TSSM’S Padmabhooshan Vasantraodad PatilInstitut
U.E.T – Taxila Student Branch BR200 NORTHERN PAKISTAN REGION-AT-LARGE University of Engineering Technology – Taxila
U.E.T. – Lahore Student Branch BR286 CENTRAL PAKISTAN REGION-AT-LARGE University of Engineering and Technology – Lahore
UET Peshawar Student Branch BR331 NORTHERN PAKISTAN REGION-AT-LARGE University of Engineering and Technology, Peshawar
United Arab Emirates University Student Branch BR202 SUB-REGION A REGION-AT-LARGE United Arab Emirates University
University of Belgrade Student Branch BR321 DANUBE REGION-AT-LARGE University of Belgrade
University of Central Lancashire Student Branch BR232 SUB-REGION B REGION-AT-LARGE University of Central Lancashire
University of Coimbra Student Branch BR234 PORTUGAL REGION-AT-LARGE University of Coimbra
University of Kragujevac-Danube Student Branch BR243 DANUBE REGION-AT-LARGE University of Kragujevac
University of Lagos Student Branch BR316 ASHRAE NIGERIA REGION-AT-LARGE University of Lagos
University of Moratuwa Student Branch BR225 SRI LANKAN REGION-AT-LARGE University of Moratuwa
University of Nis Student Branch BR7 DANUBE REGION-AT-LARGE University of Nis
University of Novi Sad Student Branch BR255 DANUBE REGION-AT-LARGE University of Novi Sad
University of Petroleum and Energy Studies Student Branch BR350 INDIA REGION-AT-LARGE University of Petroleum and Energy Studies
University of Split Student Branch BR360 DANUBE REGION-AT-LARGE University of Split
UPES Student Branch BR428 INDIA REGION-AT-LARGE University of Petroleum and Energy Studies
Vellore Engineering College Student Branch BR274 ASHRAE BANGALORE REGION-AT-LARGE Vellore Engineering College
Vishwakarma Institute of Technology Student Branch BR277 WESTERN INDIA REGION-AT-LARGE Vishwakarma Institute of Technology
Walchand College of Engg Student Branch BR336 PUNE REGION-AT-LARGE Walchand College of Engineering
Yildiz Technical University Student Branch BR382 TURKISH REGION-AT-LARGE Yildiz Technical University
YMCA Institute-Faridabad Student Branch BR284 INDIA REGION-AT-LARGE Ymca Institute of Eng